Some information about what I teach.

Since I was in my teens I have had a vision, and it is helping to restore those who have broken hearts and lives, and to those who feel they have no worth or value.

I actually think the experience of rejection is the case for most of us, but many are good at hiding it or even denying it. Or we think we are over it, and we do not see it affecting us, even today.

Since the beginning of my twenties, when I started to do Bible teaching, it has been on my heart to help the brokenhearted, and it has been in my teachings, but not so specific, and it has been because God needed to restore a lot in my heart too.

From the beginning of 2000, I have worked with a people group from Myanmar (Burma) called the Shan people. I have mainly worked with those who have experienced broken lives, hearts and are in a difficult situation in life. Many of them have either fled their homeland because of civil war, although things have changed in Myanmar, there are still many internal conflicts and wars going on today, or they are coming over to Thailand due to poverty in their home country.

Those who are poor in a Buddhist culture are also often regarded as have less worth and value and have a bad karma. A bad karma means that they carry a curse.
In a Buddhist way of thinking, it means that have passed on a curse from a earlier life, since they believe in reincarnation, that they have lived more lives. They might have done something criminal or bad in their past life, and that’s why they are in the situation they are in now.

I have worked with the Shan people from Myanmar since 2000, but after I got married in January 2016 with a Shan lady, this focus has been even more on my heart.

I discovered, among other things, that my wife had the same heart and vision as me: To restore the broken hearts.

I have also seen that many of the root problem of many sins, such as the misuse of alcohol and drugs, are because of the experience of broken hearts, broken lives and broken families.

I myself also have some experience of rejection, and God has led me through a healing process over the past 10-15 years, and I have seen that there are many factors that are related.
Among other things, I was very sick. I had all kinds of food allergies for almost 10 years. I had a lot of headaches, dizziness, insomnia and the worst thing was that I had trouble breathing, and no doctors or medications could help me.
I found out that all the physical problem I had, had a connection with fear, anxiety and experience of rejection and a broken heart.

The greatest revelation I had, which healed me, and it relates to how to restore broken hearts, was to discover my true identity as a son of God.

I also realized that I was not all my bad actions and behaviors, but that it had a connection with a wrong programming about who I am. When I got this revelation, I managed to start accepting myself and love myself the way God want us to and has created us to, more and more.

I have also very clearly discovered what does not heal and restore a broken heart, and it is legalism and religiousness. It often make things worse.
When Jesus said that he came to set the oppressed free, this meant, among other things, that he would set people free from the effect of the law. The law and legalism get people in to captivity and oppress them with guilt, condemnation and shame.

When Jesus came, he demonstrated, among other things, with the woman who was caught in adultery, and the woman at the well in John 4 and 8, that he came to set free and heal those who had a broken heart and a broken life. As we can see from these scriptures it was not the law that set them free, but God’s unconditional love.

Our vision
In 2017 my family and started a ministry called Good News for the Shan.
I have been working with the Shan people for almost 20 years, and I have worked in a fruitful ministry that has helped reach the Shan people in over 12 years.
But we both felt that we wanted an even greater focus on reaching out to the most disadvantaged and having a concrete focus on people with broken hearts.

It is not only Shan people or people from Myanmar and Thailand who need to hear this message either, but also most people in this world.

We believe that the basic things for most problems in life comes from a broken heart, condemnation, shame and guilt and a lack of knowledge of our true identity. These things are, as I said, closely connected.
We also believe that helping to restore the brokenhearted and lives can change a whole nation and nations. Even in the rich part of the world many people struggling with loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear, fear of rejection, and many even struggle with suicidal thoughts, which often comes from one or more negative experiences in life, and mainly it is connected to fear, rejection and broken hearts.

What we specifically do:

  • Online teaching (in English, Norwegian and Shan)
  • Seek and visit those who have a difficult life
  • Pray for and encourage those who experience a difficult life and have a broken life
  • Help children and youth who are refugees or immigrants from Myanmar, teaching them in languages (such as English/Thai/Shan) and about the love of God.
  • We have teaching on Saturday’s and Sunday’s (Sunday School)
  • We have also started up a small Church
  • Our vision is to do this more, but also have schools for children and Bible schools for adults with this focus: To restore the brokenhearted.
    Physically located, we want to do this in northern Thailand and Myanmar with the Shan people or people who wants to help the Shan people, but also through the Internet, Facebook and YouTube/Vimeo, we also do this in Norwegian and English.

We have called this Ministry among the Shan People for: Good News for the Shan.
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