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Newsletters from Tore and Mawkkham working among the un-reached people group from Myanmar called the Shan people.

Encouraged Many Shan During a Difficult Time

Like most people in this world, we are still influenced by the Covid-19 situation, even though other things have occupied the news lately.

In Thailand, there are not many cases of the Corona virus now, and things have started to open up a bit more, but there is still a state of emergency and curfew at night time until the end of this month, at least.

People in Thailand are beginning to feel the the negative effect of this situation financially as well, and we have been able to providing some hope and help to some of those affected, such as poor Shan people in orange farms and rice fields.
We will tell you some stories in this newsletter.

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A World in a State of Emergency

Here is a new newsletter from us in Northern Thailand, and we are not unaffected by the world situation here in the north of Thailand either.
It is a State of Emergency and curfew here as in many other countries in the world today.

In this newsletter I will include how we experience the situation out here and a how it affects our ministry and everyday life. We haven’t shut down all ministry, and I want to share about that too.

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