I have a testimony on how God gave me a big answer to prayer, even though I was about to and felt like giving up several times. 
Have you ever felt that you could never overcome a situation, I will never come out of this situation or it will never change for me, or I have this weakness that I can never manage to overcome? These are feelings of powerlessness and despair, which also the spirit of fear is behind. Is this an emotion that God wants you to have? No! These feelings are actually the root of most of your negative emotion and fears. The fear that you will never succeed, and the feeling of failure, for example, has its root in that you feel it is hopeless to try, you’ve tried so many times that you feel totally powerless.

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God gave you emotions. Part 8
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For about ten years ago, I experienced a hard time and something that I had tried again and again to overcome. I do not know how many times I tried, but I didn’t succeed. And it was one of the greatest things I’ve wanted to happen in my life. I was constantly confronted with the old feelings of powerlessness.

The thoughts and feelings of that I would never succeed in this thing, attacked me. Everything felt like it always had felt before. But this time it was one thing that happened, and that was very different than previous experiences; I managed to hold fast to what the truth says about me and my future. God gave me a word that really held me hand hold me up in a very difficult time, and I also want to share it with you, for it can help you too:
Eph 3:20:  (AMP)
“Now to Him Who, by [in consequence of] the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams] –“I like very well where it says: superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]

We have a great God, and he can do incredible, infinitely more than we can hope for or dream about! (Paraphrased; Eph.3:20)

Every day, and many times a day, I spoke this scripture out loud for myself, and I felt how the feeling of powerlessness disappeared and peace, hope and joy filled my heart again.

And when the feeling of powerlessness was trying to come back, I confessed and spoke it out loud even more. When I look back, I saw that I had the same feelings I had had previously, but my handling of these feelings when they came, was different than before.
Previously, I became depressed and thought: This will never happen to me, and I often went into a form of indifference, passivity, and self-pity.
While now I took up the fight, and confessed that nothing is impossible for God! I also did not follow what my feelings said, and felt sorry for myself.

I also started to feel that God had a good plan for me, and that his plan was far beyond what I could dream about and hope for! If our feelings of despair and powerlessness can control our lives, we will not be able to see the dreams and hopes God has for us.
These feelings want to steal our dreams, like they had so many times for me.
These feelings will the spirit of fear try to use against you, so that God’s good intentions, plans and the destiny for your life are not going to happen. You must, like me, decide to take up the fight against these feelings, and choose to believe what the truth (the Bible) says, and not what your emotions say.

I did not see the breakthrough and what I wanted in my situation happen, before five years later, but I decided not to be under the feelings of despair and powerlessness, which so often lead to self-pity.

Today I have seen what I so dearly wanted to see at that time. What I time after time had prayed for was this: To get a wife and a family. Today I have a wife and three children. I think if I did not learn the lesson I mentioned over, I would not have seen this happen. I probably would have just given up, and I would have missed to meet my wife.

This is my testimony, and when I look back at the past about 35 years of my life, when I have been in ministry, I must also say that God has done more than anything, yes, far beyond what I had hoped, dreamed and asked for.
That especially applies to how I met my wife and how he has lead us as a family together. I am also very excited about what God has for me and my family in the future!

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