What does the Bible really say about emotion? Are emotions something that is negative or positive? Does God want me to be happy? How can I control my emotions? What connection is there between feelings and fears?

Emotions can be our best friend or our worst enemy. In this teaching, I will give you some truths about feelings and emotions that can help you to manage them in a correct and good way, and how you can feel the way that God wants you to feel.

What I want with this teaching is to show you that the emotions are there and they are given to you by God. You can either lie or ignore them, or you can learn to do something with them. 
When we understand why God has given us emotions and we can use them properly, we can apply them in a good way.

If I can learn how to handle my emotions, I can also deal with life and what comes my way.It is one thing that is certain about emotion: We all have them. But unfortunately there are times when the emotions have us. It is when the emotions have us that they become a problem.

This is a seminar about Emotions.
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