When we let them control us

If it feels good for you
The world we live in today is largely governed by what they feel. You may have heard this expression: If it feels good to you. This is a wisdom guided by emotions, not God’s wisdom. And this statement is really a devilishly lie, and could not be further away from the truth.
I think you are quite aware that there are many things you can feel to do, that are not good for you!

You may get the feeling to rob a bank, but that does not mean it is the right thing to do. You may feel to look at pornography on the Internet or going out to sleep with someone, but that doesn’t mean it will be good for you, your marriage, or your future spouse.
Even if you feel inclined to eat a kilogram of chocolate because you are depressed, it does not mean it will be good for you. I think you get the idea.

Because so many in the world don’t have God’s Word, which is the truth, to build their life on, some will for example, as a married couple might wake up one morning and feel that they don’t love each other anymore, and they will be moved by their emotions to be separated or even divorced, because they did not feel love anymore. If you read the Bible, you will find out that love is more than just a feeling.

As a Christian it is very important that you are not led by your emotions. If you do so, you can easily get into a spiritual curse that Jesus has already set you free from. If a person is emotionally dominated, they will find themselves back in the same situation again and again.

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We may also, in our Christian life be dependent on feelings, and are emotionally dominated. Things may feel good in meetings and during worship, and you can make many emotional decisions, which can be good. But when you meet everyday life, you might not keep what you have promised. You can easily follow what you feel in the moment, and not follow what you promised.

Feeling not-covered needs reason for sin
Adam and Eve were deceived into believing that they had “undiscovered needs”, and that caused them to sin. They let themselves be deceived by the enemy’s voice saying that there was something more that God had hidden from them. The devil appealed to an unmet need that they thought they had, but this was just a seduction, not a truth. God had not hidden anything from them; they were already like God, for they were created in the image and likeness of God. They had no need that was not covered.

This is the devil’s seduction today too. When Jesus died on the cross He restored back to man all that the first Adam had done wrong (he gave away his righteousness, his dominion, and his spiritual authority, but most of all his rightful relationship with God), but when you are in Christ, which you are, if you have chosen to believe Him, you are also in the Second Adam (Read Romans 5 & 1st Corinthians 15). All needs that you may have, has been covered in Him.
All peace, all joy, all hope we have in Him, but because we are fooled into thinking that there is something more, we fall for the same lie than today.

We all have the need to feel loved and accepted, and we are supposed to give this to each other too. But because we live in a non perfect world, we experience disappointment and rejection. If we seek this need to be loved only from humans, we will be disappointed, but if we see that we already and always are accepted and loved by God (even when we have sinned) this need will be met.

This is why the devil likes to use the the law against us, which is why legalism is so effective in having us bound to sin again. For legalism will be focused on what you need to do to be accepted by God, and legalism will lead you into condemnation which in turn will make you feel like you are not accepted by God. 

As long as you do not feel loved and accepted, you will continue to try to fill this void, and this leads us to sin again…. This is why Paul says that when the law came, sin also came alive (Rom 7:9).
The law is also a way to try to be accepted; accepted by God or man, but it is impossible to keep the Law one hundred percent, so it will always lead you into a cycle of sin, which is what we don’t want; (the things I do, I don’t want to do, and what I want to do, I do not) Romans 7

To strive on our own is really one of the greatest sins of all because you are trying on your own to fill the void that God has already filled by Jesus. Many times we believe that spiritual discipline such as reading the Bible and praying every day is very spiritual, but if you make a spiritual discipline because you think that’s what satisfies God or because you feel better about yourself when you do, this is still a sin, and a way of trying to fill the need we have on our own.

All things that we try to do on our own apart from God are sins, it is actually what the Bible calls the “flesh”. If you are tempted to be unfaithful to your wife or looking at porn on the net you are trying to fill this void on your own.

Your sexual emotions are created by God and they are good (although you can use them wrong) but when you feel that this need of love and acceptance are not met, you search for this in the wrong places.

As a Christian you already have this need met in Christ, but you have been deceived by the devil and through your mislead emotions to think otherwise, just as the devil lied to Adam and Eve that there had to be something more.

So don’t be fooled anymore, and know that God loves you! As a Christian, you are also not a pervert, though your feelings might have led you to look at porn.
You are a new creature but you haven’t quite discovered your true identity in Christ yet.
Do I encourage you to look at porn now? No, certainly not, why should you as a new creature continue to live in sin if you are dead to sin? (See Rom 6: 1-7)

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