There are four important and essential questions that all people want an answer to.
Maybe you live in denial, and think that it doesn’t matter or I am not a person who relay cares, but deep down, all people want to know the answer to these four basic questions.
It doesn’t matter if you are religious or non religious. If you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist and so on, there is a longing in all people’s heart to know the answers to these questions.

Are you ready to know what questions?

Ok let’s start: (Read more text under)

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1. Where do I come from?

Are we just apes and well developed monkeys, are we just animals? 
Many believe so, but is this truly a satisfying answer? What if it was better? What if it was Good News?
What if you were created? 

2. Who am I?
This question is bigger than you think, and again: is it satisfying to believe that you are just an animal? Are you able to love and accept your self truly if you are that, do you feel you have value?
What if I had the answer about who you truly are, and the answer is Good News?

3. What is the purpose for my life?
Are you just born by accident?  Is there a reason for me being on this earth, has my life any purpose? And I am loved?
If you look deep down in your heart, do you really want to know? I truly believe that you do!
I have Good News for you on this one too!

4. What happens when I die? This is a big one, and a question that many people feel uncomfortable with and try to avoid, but deep down I it still believe it bothers you.
Some believe everything will be dark and there is nothing.
Some believe we will be reborn som how. Depending on our bad or good behaviour we might be reborn as an animal like a dog, cat or cow.
Or some believe that if you do good you will be re-born in a rich family, but if you have been bad you will be re-born poor and sick.  By the way, when do you know when you have been good enough to have a good re-born?

Many believe there is a heaven, but you will only get there if your behaviour is good enough, or have repented enough, or confessed your bad behaviour and sin enough, or done good deeds enough. But when do you know when you have been good enough, and done enough?
I actually have some Good News for you in this question too. Hang on….  

The Good News!
What I am now going to say may sounds like I am going to convert you to a religion, but listen carefully, because I am not trying to convert you to a religion, not even the Christian religion, but I want you to get to know a person. A person who have all the answer to these four question.

The Good News is: There is one who has created you, you are valuable and loved, your life has a purpose, and the main propose is to find out that you are loved and you can know for sure where you go when you die.

By knowing Him you will know who you are, how you are created and where you are going.
This Good News is for every body, it doesn’t matter if you are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Atheist or Christian, or are from Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, or other countries in Asia. Even if you are from Africa, America or Europe, this applies to all!

There is one that has created you, and he was before all religion and people, and people groups.

I don’t say all religion is bad, even though many have miss-used religion, and that is not good. That’s why many have a bad experience when it comes to religion.

All religion try to make you to be and become a good person, and that is not bad. The problem is that nobody is able to fully be or become a perfect person.

There is nobody that has from birth been able to be only good.
So religion try to help, but religion in general have no good answer to this problem that we fall into bad behavior and sin, it often just give you some good rules to live by, and the message is often: Try as good as you can, and maybe your next life will be better, or you get to heaven.

The word and the main problem is sin, and it’s a problem for all people, even if you believe it or not.

What if I have Good News for you in this too! What if there was one person who was able to live without sin and won over the power of sin and death, and by knowing him you also will be without sin and have overcome death. Sound too good to be true? Sounds like a fairy tale?

What if it is truly is true, would you like to check it out?
I will not try to convert you, but I will challenge you to get to know this person, and try Him out.

I have found out it is true, He is real. I have even seen Him heal other people and my self.
I have seen His love, and what true love is.

Many people have stop believing in true love, because it is a lot of fake love out there in this world, even in religion. But I am telling you that Love is a person and He is not fake, His love is not fake.

Do you also want to know this true love? Do you want to know who you truly are?
I will challenge you, get to know your creator and this person called Jesus. Try him out, and I am very sure, if you truly want to, your life will be changed too!

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