Here's some updates from us here in Northern Thailand.
We will mainly write about one grate news, and some news from our ministry.
The Grate News
We as family have great news! We are waiting a child! Mawkkham has been pregnant for over three months now, and the term is October 12th. It happened a bit faster than we had thought, but we are happy about it. We know it was God's timing for it and it is a good gift give us. We have had some challenges when my wife's visa as mentioned in the previous newsletter, and as we expect a child this has been a headache for us. The visa we have now for my wife and two children expires in late September, so we needed a quick solution, before she is not able to travel. We have to leave the country to get a new visa for one year and it is very difficult to travel if you are 8th months pregnant.

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