A Man Got Healed and Visit From Norway
Here are some news from us here out in Northern Thailand.

We are now in the hottest and driest season in Northern Thailand, where the temperature begins to rise to 40 degrees Celsius.
In addition, we live in one of the world's most polluted places right now, due to a lot of forest and rice fields burning. There are jungles, fields, high mountains and valleys here.
March is often a bit like this, but this year it has been worse than in many years. We hope the rain is coming soon. (we do not live on a beach no, the nearest one is over 1,000 km away, I am longing for that now :)

The school summer holiday has also begun, and school start in Thailand is mid-May, a little strange for us who are from the West.

This newsletter will be about some news from our ministry as a man got healed, and more..



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