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When I bring up a subject like this, about sin, I can get many reactions.
Some people think that I will not listen to this because I feel tired of being condemned and feeling guilty.
Often this subject can be said like this: You are a big sinner, stop sinning, shame on you, try to win victory over your sin! Or they try to give you a ten-step program to overcome sin and live a victorious Christian life.

Someone else may think like this, when they hear this subject: Not another person who wants to say that sin is not so bad and not dangerous or that it’s noting really called sin.

I do not want to tell you any of this in this teaching. I do not want to condemn you and I do not want to say that sin is not dangerous or non existent.
My focus is on identity and who you are, that will help you to not to fall to any of these traps.

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