(This is an additional version of a teaching I had for some months ago )

Many Christians don’t understand Galatians 5:17 very well, about the struggle between the Spirit and the flesh.
Many people when they look at this verse they think that this it is about our new spirit and nature, fighting against the evil part of me, called the flesh.

It means I still have a struggle on the inside and I have to constantly try to be in my spirit and try to kill the flesh, the evil side of myself.

First, notice that the Spirit is capitalized, that means it’s not about your spirit but God’s Spirit. Secondly, remember that the flesh is not you, because you are already in the spirit and not in the flesh. The flesh is crucified already and you live in the spirit now, it is very clear in some verses later (5:24-25), but the flesh will try to influence you so you do not do what you really want to do.
You have God and His Spirit on one side that will affect you and lead you, while you have the flesh on the other side who also wants to lead you, but none of them are you and the flesh is not in you either, or your true nature. Although you have already become a new creation and have a divine nature.

You are in the middle and you can choose to follow the flesh or the Spirit.

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