I can actually tell you my answer right away: You can’t!

When you hear this answer and statement, you may think: You must be a Bible teacher who says that it is perfectly fine to sin and we can sin as much as we want without any consequences.

Can I tell you one thing: There is no place in the Bible where it says you can loose your salvation in the same way that you might lose your wallet, for example. Salvation is not something you suddenly loose, like doing a sin or falling into a sin.

One of the biggest fears many Christians have is if they have done the unpardonable sin and loose their salvation. It could be anything from lying, or sleeping with their girlfriend, got drunk at a party or being angry with God and saying a swear word to him.
Or they may even think they are not forgiven and rejected by God (lost their salvation) until they have pleaded forgiveness for a sin they have done, even several years back.

Do I say with this that it’s OK to sin then? NO by no means! Sin is an enemy and it will trick you and it has negative consequences for you and others, but you do not lose salvation when you sin.

But does it mean that when I became a Christian I was guaranteed a place in heaven anyway? Am I once saved, always saved?

Get the answer in this video!

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