Perhaps you have heard: You steal from God if you don’t give the tithe, or you are under a curse if you don’t give, or God will punish you if you don’t give the tithe, or God will not heal you if you do not give. These two things are usually not said directly, but it can often be perceived in this way and maybe someone thinks this way too?
In fact, I’ve heard someone say it like this: If you are stingy (“and do not give to us”) then you will go to hell, for those who are stingy will not inherit the kingdom of God.

I get very upset when I hear statements and teachings that are manipulative and that give you guilt, condemnation or fear like this!
None of these things are compatible with God’s character, and some can easily take scriptures out of context and misuse them.

In this teaching today I hope I can give you some clarity and also free you from condemnation and guilt especially in connection with the tithe and money.

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