Today, I believe that God has something very special and something new he wants to speak to you about through this scripture: Phi 4:4-7.
Do not think that you've heard this before and you do not need to hear it again!
I think everyone has experienced and maybe you experiencing it right now, that you have or are worried. It can be anything from money to situations that you have at work.

Whatever circumstances you are facing, you can have a peace that surpasses all the understanding.

Before I was afraid that when I had a bad day, it was because God did not protect me, or maybe it was even He who made negative things happened and he was angry at me.
He sent a curse because I forgot to pray or read in the Bible today, or maybe I did a sin?
This is not so!
You will certainly deal with a bad day better if you have an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness, and by using time with God by praising Him, and having fellowship with him in prayer, in the morning, it will  help you to do so.
But most days that are difficult is so because we are not living in an perfect world and we have a spiritual evil enemy too.
It has nothing to do about God punishing you in one way or another.

There was one who said, "It's not what meets you in life that will break you, but how you handle it." If you have an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness, and believe God is really good under all circumstances, you will handle life much better!


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